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We bring pride in our work to every project that we undertake. We have a professional team, strong work ethic, and we do as we say.

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Looking for the professionals that can help you in your excavation plan? Do you need to have a building demolished or debris hauled? Need to have a property graded? Or have a drainage system installed?

If you are looking for the experts that do their best work in any of the above-mentioned services, you are in luck, as we are the best contractor company that can help you with your project.

Expert Contractors

We have a crew of experienced and trained experts that are based in Colorado Springs. Each member of our team has worked various jobs specializing in demolition, hauling, excavation, hauling, and installing drainage systems.

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For such a small company, people may be surprised with the various services we offer to our clients. However, when they start working with us, they will understand why. We do not offer our services willy nilly. When our team says that we can do a job, we give it our 100%. This means that everything we provide, from the excavation, demolition, hauling, grading, and installations, all are within our areas of expertise.

We take pride in our abilities and we put them into action. Our team does not make false promises or commit to a job that we will not be able to do.

About Us

Years Of Excavation & Demolition Work With Quality At It's Best!

We are a team of excavators serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.  Through years of experience we have learned the importance of providing excellent workmanship, open and transparent communication and expectations, underpromising and overdelivering, and most of all, doing what's right for our clients.

There is no job too big or too small for us, we have the equipment and most of all the years of experience to understand what must be done and how it must be done.  It's important to us that our work exceeds your expectations and is completed within the given deadlines.  Call us today with any of your excavation needs.  We are also experts at demolition and hauling, property grading, and drainage system installation.

Industries We Serve!

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Licensed to operate

Our company was established back in the year 2000, and we are operating under a legal business license.

Why is this important? As our client, it is your right to be protected. Working with a company that is legal and licensed will help you be assured that you have contacted a real business with real people


We are based in Colorado Springs and have done countless jobs around the state of Colorado. We can definitely say that we are experienced in every service we offer.

The services we offer require years of experience to do it well. Thankfully, we have done our research, planning, and training and are continuously learning to do our work better. As our client, you can rest assured that every member of our team working on your project has the required experience.

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Licensed to work

All members of our crew have received ample training, are duly certified, and are licensed.

Why is this important? As a company, it is important for us to do our work in a proper and correct manner. With this in mind, every member of our team is qualified to do their job in the project that they will be assigned to.


Efficiency and reliability are what we always try to achieve. We value your time and resources the same way we value ours.

Why is this important? We are a group of contractors who do not like to waste time. When we go to your property to work, we do so. When we say we will arrive at the time and date that we agreed on, we will be there.

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Insured and Protected

Our business is fully insured and protected legally.

As a client, you should never put your trust in a company that has no insurance. It can be extremely risky, and if an accident happens on the job, you and your property won't be protected. We value our workers the same as our clients, which is why we would always keep their safety a priority.


We have worked with many property owners, both commercial and residential, and other professionals for many years. We are truly thankful for their support and their honest reviews of our work.

Why is this important? As our client, it is important for us to gain your trust. This makes the project more successful and easy to complete. We value our professional relationships, and you should never work with a contractor that has no past projects to show.

Our Services


Excavation services for both residential and commercial projects

Demolition & Hauling

Demolition services for kitchens, baths, concrete, structures and more...

Property Grading

Property grading service for residential and commercial projects

foundation excavation project in colordao springs

Our Services

Our team is efficient, experienced, and experts in the following:


We do excavations of residential and commercial sites that are hindering your plan to construct a new building. Our team will always make sure that we are doing the excavation properly and safely while using the best tools and equipment at our disposal.

Demolition and hauling

We demolish homes, buildings, and other commercial properties at our client’s request. Our crew hauls debris and other materials carefully and dispose of junk in a way that they can be recycled whenever possible as a way to promote environmentally friendly disposals.

Property grading

We also help in grading properties to make them level before you construct your projects such as roads or buildings. Our crew does it in a properly planned and well-executed manner to make sure that your area will not get water and debris stuck due to an unleveled base.

Drainage system installation

When you are having issues with your drainage system, get in touch and we can help you have an effective system that will not retain water.

backfill work

Simply the best – we strive to be Colorado Springs’ most trusted Excavation Company

Earthworks and excavations can be a complicating matter. During excavations and land grading, there are many possible accidents that can affect your property and project. To prevent this from happening to you, call us and we will be glad to help.

Our excavation team will complete the project in a safe and precise manner. If you work with our crew, skills, experience, and quality are almost 100% guaranteed.

When you hire the best excavating company, you will experience how excavations, backfills, trenching, and more are done by professionals.

Do you live in Colorado Springs? If you do and you currently need excavation or earthwork, we can truly say that you are in luck.

Who we are and why people love working with us

We are an excavation company that operates in Colorado Springs, CO. Since the year 2000, we are doing the best we can to provide our services to the people who need them.

As a local company, we know about the regulations and codes in the city. And this is mainly why we will be able to help you. You would not want to hire a company for a cheaper price only for you to find out that you may pay for a penalty, wouldn’t you? Sadly, this happens a lot. Before we started our business, there are many residents who hired contractors from other areas. Some of this resulted in a very expensive mistake.

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We are knowledgeable about the necessary requirements before starting your project. When you work with us, you will get a high-quality service while saving your money.

Our team

The company will always be highly thankful to our team, as without them we will not be able to complete our projects with a high success rate. When you work with us, you will not just work with one contractor. Instead, you will work with a whole team of professionals.

We have various experts in our group: plumbers, operators, mechanics, civil engineers, architects, and more. This is why clients are stress-free when doing transactions with us. They are sure that we will get their project done properly. No work is done just for the sake of finishing them.

Our values

As an excavating company with passion and excellence, here are the things we take into heart.

We are professionals

Our entire team are experts in the industry, and we believe that we should behave professionally. It is very important to us to reflect our experience and training to our attitude and work.

Since quality is necessary for this work, we make sure that our team is proud to work with us as well. Back when we had four workers up to now, our members are valued and cared for.

We believe in teamwork

In this field, we believe that working together achieves far greater. Hence, it is important for us to cultivate a good working relationship with our team and also our clients.

Whenever we accept a project, collaboration is something that we take very seriously. As was said before, our team is comprised of talented workers, and nothing will be achieved if we do not communicate with each other well.

We hold ourselves accountable

Growth is crucial for this business. In every company or trade, it is impossible to not make one mistake. This is why when we do something wrong, we make sure to take responsibility.

We do this by improving and training ourselves to be better than we are a year ago. We do not believe in complacency and stagnancy. In order to improve, we invest our time in learning new methods or techniques and by getting higher quality equipment or tools.

We value respect

We are contractors that respect our clients, and we request them to do the same way. It is our goal to achieve a workplace that is beneficial to both our company and customers.

As professionals, our words are not just empty promises. We value your time and we make an effort to do the best we can in every project we do. Because we commit to your project with the best intentions in mind, our entire team will always foster a good working relationship with our clients.

metal rebar

Competitive pricing

As a business, it is our goal to earn. However, we will still offer rates that are reasonable for our potential customers.

Our company is very transparent with our pricing. If you want to work with us, you are more than welcome to ask us about how we price our work. Of course, quality is not cheap, but this does not mean that it should break the bank.

We give back

As much as possible, it is important for us to give back to our community and environment. During our services, we reuse materials that can be utilized for other reasons. This simple act reduces waste in our city.

We also give back by organizing events and drives to the local community. As a local company, we will always desire to help those who need it.

excavator digging earth

Serious, efficient, and careful work

Earthworks is not meant to be easy.  The process that has to happen should only be done by the people who know everything about them – the ins and outs, the techniques, and other details to make the project successful.

The following services are what we can offer to our clients:

Do not know which one do you need? No worries. Our team will walk you through the entire process. For a fast transaction, you can call us at our number for an assessment.

If you want to look into each service we offer, we have prepared a simple guide for our interested customers.

property grading service in colorado springs

Does your property need excavation services?

Our excavation package can be customizable for your specific needs. If you want to build a foundation, fix your existing one, or plan to build a drainage system, then this is for you. We will make sure to dig properly using the right equipment to make the procedure successful and safe.

Want us to look into your project? No problem. Whether it is to repair your sewer line or for any other project you need to do, you can certainly rely on us.

We can do residential excavations for your foundation, basement, soil, retaining walls, and many more.

Does your property need backfill services?

Is the excavation process already completer for your project? It may be time for you to backfill the area. If this is the case, get in touch and let us do the hard work. In this process, we will help you replace or reuse the soil after the excavation and do what is necessary to make the ground level.

Backfilling is important as it is literally the groundwork of your project. Make sure that only the professionals you trust will do the process. If you work with us, the soil filling procedure and material will depend on the situation.

We can use the materials that were excavated for backfilling and can also use new material for your trench, foundation, street, structure, and many more.

Does your property need site clearing services?

Is there debris on your property? They can halt your renovation or construction project as long as there is nothing done to remove them in the area. Not only is debris annoying, but it can also cause harm and injury to you and the other workers. When you work with our team, we will make sure that we will put safety as our priority.

Want to know what happens with the debris? As much as possible, we want to make use of eco-friendly ways to dispose of the things we haul. If there is a chance that they are reusable, we will do so. Trees and wood are made to mulch in order to use them resourcefully. If they are not reusable, we promise to dispose of them carefully.

We can clear various debris, trees, stumps, rocks, vegetation, and other things that can disrupt the completion of your project.

Does your property need lot leveling services?

Lot leveling is simply more than just flattening the land around your property. The process needs to be done carefully to make sure that your area is level and ready for construction.

When you call us, everything is carefully planned and designed for your needs. The equipment and tools we use are high-quality and will be used by our trained team. Of course, safety and quality are always our priority. We will always follow the city’s regulations and protocols.

We will level your soil and for your foundation, driveway, and other construction projects.

Does your property need erosion control services?

There are a lot of complications and problems that are due to poor soil in your area. To help in setting up your property for your project, we can control the erosion and make sure that it will be safe for you and your property.

Before we start, it is crucial to inspect your property. This will help us assess the best method to use, the materials that are necessary, and design a plan to combat erosion.

Secure your landscape and call us for more information. Our erosion control package is competent and highly effective for our clients.

Does your property need sewer line services?

Do you want to install a drain on your property? Are you having some problems with your sewer line? Sewers can be a head-splitting problem for the people who do not know much about them. In this project, mistakes can be very damaging and costly.

Reach out to us and we will make sure that your sewer or drain will not be a problem anymore. Our crew will help with your sewer blockage, drain issue, and more and fix or replace them as soon as possible. Not only do we have the best underground plumbers, but we also have the best equipment.

Does your property need subgrade preparation services?

Are you in the process of building or constructing a road or pavement on your property? If this is the case, sub-grading will most likely be necessary. During sub-grading, there are a lot of things that need to be considered, such as the traffic expected, drainage, material, and many more.

If this is your current project, you do not need to be so concerned when you have us as your partner. Leave the job to us and we will make sure that the area will be fit to support your needs.

Does your property need trenching services?

Although both excavation and trenching really just means to dig, there are some differences between the two. In particular, trenching involves more intricate work as they are narrowing compared to excavations that are for bigger areas.

Trenching is highly dangerous, especially for the workers who have no experience. Call us to avoid accidents. When you are looking for a trenching service, experience and training are important.

Before we start with your project, a thorough assessment will take place to avoid injury and mistakes. Our workers are important to us, and this is why we invest in training and equipment for their safety.

Does your property need soil compaction services?

We are proud to offer our clients a chance to know more about their property. This is why we do our soil compaction services. When we talk about compaction, it is when your area is tested for its strength, permeability, and other features such as compressibility and water absorption.

How does this help you? After we do the soil compaction test, it will help you determine if your area is suitable for your project or if there are some things you need to do to make it successful.

When we compact your soil, we are compressing the area to make it stronger and more appropriate. Depending on the case, we can compact the area to make it drain better, for example.

Contact a professional

Are you having a new building constructed? If you are in need of our services, whether it is for excavation, demolition, hauling, grading, or installation work, just give us a call and we can start talking about your project.

Want to know more about the services we offer or have any questions about our process? You can also reach us by answering our online contact form which you can access here.

Our service does not change: it does not matter if your project is small or big. We will continue to provide our quality work to all our clients. Do yourself a favor and trust us with your project.

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