National Museum of World War II Aviation

The National Museum of World War II Aviation is a non-profit museum unlike any other I have seen.  The amount of history involved in these war planes is incredible and the amount of knowledge that the guided tours offer is unlike anything you’ve heard in a classroom setting.

If you’re someone who has the slightest appreciation for history and/or how World War II evolved, then this is a museum you cannot miss.  You’ll have to check out the 28 aircrafts that have been fully restored and look brand new.  If you’re someone like me, I can appreciate and admire the risks that the men and women in WWII aviation risked to accomplish a mission.  Planes back then were extremely simple when compared to the technology that planes have today.

Many of these planes are unique in that they are one-of-a-kind for some reason or another.  Some models are the last ones around that have been verified to have seen combat, and others are being fully restored by volunteers because of their rarity.

Not only that, but the museum also has several fully restored and operational vehicles that were used in WWI and has over 4,000 historical artifacts and documents from the war.  If this is a museum you’ve been thinking of visiting, my recommendation is to attend 100%!

This museum is not only different than all the other museums you’ll attend, but it’s fascinating, engaging and extremely educational for the entire family.

Is the aviation museum free?

The museum is not free, they have two sets of pricing for those who pre-pay and for those who walk-in.  Their rates are as follows:

Admission Price Pre-Paid Walk-In
Adults $15 $17
Child (4-12) $11 $12
Senior $13 $15
Military $13 $15

**You may elect to self guide for free or join a guided tour for $5 per person

Which exhibits are going on?

Several exhibits are currently taking place, but two of my favorites are:

Prelude to War – 1930s to December 1941 – this particular exhibit sets the stage for where aviation stood at that particular time and the museum explains how the United States was bombed at Pearl Harbor.  They also discuss how the US made incredible leaps in aviation technology leading up to the war, and how we further developed our land and sea vessels for aviation use.

Controlling the Skies – June 1944 to September 1945 – in this exhibit they discuss how the US and our allies were able to take complete dominance over the skies in Europe and the Pacific.  They also go over the key moments that led to the invasions of Normandy and southern France, our breakthrough into Germany, and the ultimately the US victory in the war.

Can I take photographs?

Yes, you are welcome to take photographs and videos within the museum, however, they must be used for personal use.  If you intend to use them for commercial use, you must receive authority and consent from the museum prior to doing so.

Directions to the museum

From Falcon
Approximately 17 minutes (12.8 miles)

  1. Head southwest on US-24 W toward E Woodmen Rd for 10.0 miles
  2. Exit CO-21 S towards S. Powers Blvd and continue straight for 2.0 miles
  3. Make a left turn onto Aeroplaza Dr for 0.1 miles
  4. Make a left turn onto Newport Rd and go straight for 0.4 miles
  5. Turn left onto Aviation Way for 0.2 miles
  6. Make a right hand turn and arrive at the museum


From the United States Air Force Academy
Approximately 23 minutes (18.0 miles)

  1. Head west on S. Gate Blvd
  2. Make a U-Turn and go for 0.2 miles
  3. Take the ramp onto I-25 S and continue for 11.2 miles
  4. Exit 139 for US-24 E towards the airport for 4.1 miles
  5. This will turn into E Fountain Blvd – continue for 0.3 miles
  6. Make a left onto Aviation Way and continue straight for 1.1 miles
  7. Make a right turn and arrive at your destination


From our office of Springs Excavation Pros
Approximately 16 minutes (7.4 miles)

  1. Go north on S Tejon St and make a right onto E Colorado Ave going straight for 0.5 miles
  2. This turns into Pikes Peak Ave – keep straight for 3.1 miles
  3. Make a right turn onto S Academy Blvd and go straight for 0.5 miles
  4. Make a left onto Airport Rd for 1.8 miles
  5. Right turn onto CO-21 S for 0.6 miles
  6. Make a left turn onto Aeroplaza Dr and go straight for 0.1 miles
  7. Make a left turn onto Newport Rd and continue for 0.4 miles
  8. Make a left onto Aviation Way for 0.2 miles
  9. Turn right and arrive at the National Museum of World War II Aviation