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Excavation service in Glen Eagle

Let us help you start your construction and renovation project. When it comes to digging work, our team will be there from the initial assessment, complying with requirements, and will be reliable from start to finish.

As a company with highly skilled workers and professionals in the field, we have been able to complete projects with our client’s needs and satisfaction as the priority. Read their testimonies on our page to see how we do our business the best we can. It does not matter how big or small your project is, rest assured that we will constantly provide excellent services to our customers.

What does “excavation” mean and who can benefit from it?

In a way, excavations are considered as the advanced term for digging. The procedure involves the process of dealing with the earth’s surface and removing soil, rock, and other debris away, depending on the type of project that must be done.

Due to the reason that excavations are extremely hazardous, only the professionals with knowledge and years of experience must do it. And this is where we can help you. Our excavation services mainly benefit residential and commercial property owners who are planning to construct a building or need a utility line installed.

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What are the different types of digging by material?

There are four usual types of materials we excavate:

1.    Topsoil Excavation

As it is called, the procedure includes the removal of the topmost soil that also includes the vegetation.

Depending on the project, you may want us to return the topsoil for landscaping and other purposes.

2.    Muck Excavation

During this procedure, we will remove muck, which is the mixture of soil and water out of your way.

We will leave the muck in an area where they can dry before placing the soil where you need them.

3.    Rock Excavation

In some situations, big rocks may be in the way of your project. We will use our tools and equipment to take care of the problem so that you will be able to start your construction after we are done.

Depending on your need, you may want us to haul the rocks away. Of course, you can always tell us to leave them for landscaping and other projects.

4.    Earth Excavation

Earth excavations are the process of removing several layers of the earth which are required for foundations and basements.

Backfilling may be an option for the excavated earth.

The types we mentioned above are what contractors usually classify in most projects. However, if there is a combination of the four materials, we call it an Unclassified Excavation. In situations when identifying the material may be impractical, unclassified diggings are conducted properly with the utmost care.

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Our services

We specialize in the following excavation projects:

We do Residential Excavations

Let our professional crew do the digging work for your residential needs at a reasonable price.

  • Foundation digging
  • Basement digging
  • Lot clearing
  • Utility Installation
  • Utility Repair

We do Commercial Excavations

We prioritize safety during our excavation procedure.

  • Foundation digging
  • Basement digging
  • Site clearing
  • Utility Installation
  • Utility Repair
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We do Municipal and Large-Scale Excavations

We have the equipment necessary for the best results and efficient work.

  • Digging for roads, tunnels, bridges, and other projects
  • Site clearing
  • Utility Installation
  • Utility Repair

Areas of interest in Glen Eagle, Colorado

With the best view of mountains, the friendly people, and the safety that comes with living in Gleneagle, residents surely appreciate its charm and simplistic beauty.

As a suburb in Colorado Springs with around 6,000 people, the area is the home of many natural attractions and is near to a plethora of activities one will absolutely enjoy.

Landmarks and Fun Places in and near Glen Eagle

1. Magnum Shooting Center

If you want to experience the feeling of handling a firearm, try the range in Magnum for a day of learning and hands-on practice.

2. Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers

Are you craving good food, music, and beer? Step foot on Boot Barn Hall and get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

3. Dog Haus Biergarten

Dog Haus is popular for its tasty menu – hotdogs, onion rings, burgers, and more. If meat is not your thing, no worries. Vegetarians can also have their fill of plant-based food.

4. Western Museum of Mining & Industry

Aside from good food, Glen Eagle is near to a museum that will absolutely be worth the visit. Kids, teens, and adults will certainly have the time of their life going on tours and searching for gold. Western Museum of Mining & Industry has the best experience to offer. You can also learn about the history of mining, see steam engines, and view interactive displays.

5. The Brass Tap

The Brass Tap lets you experience great food and drinks at the same time. You can order anything from the menu and expect delicious meals at the best price.

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