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Just in the United States alone, there are quite a number of home foundations that have been damaged due to an insufficient or non-existing drainage system. Although drainage systems may not be a big deal at the moment, you will be thankful to invest in installing one, especially if you are moving to a new home. If you want to avoid problems such as standing water, you have to make sure that your property has a working system before moving in.

Installing a drainage system requires knowledge, skill, and experience. Therefore, if you want to have a functional drainage system on your property, we are the expert team you can call. With years of training and success in designing and installing drainage systems all throughout Colorado Springs, you can surely trust us to do our best for your property, just like it was our own.

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We design and install quality drainage systems in Colorado Springs

Are you unsure of what drainage system do you need? Because there are a lot of systems to choose from, it is normal to feel confused about the process. There is no need to worry, however, as we are here to help you.

Here are some of the services we offer, along with some information for your convenience. Hopefully, they can help you see which one will fit your needs and property best.

Our expert crew installs:

Surface Drainage Systems

Are you noticing that there is water pooling on your lawn, even if a couple of days passed since it rained? When you work with us, our team will design a plan that will effectively prevent standing water on your property.

Depending on your area, some of the possible solutions are:

Open Drains where we will dig using a shovel or heavy machinery to install a system that can range from shallow to deep depression.

Levees are perfect for areas that are prone to flooding. When we install them on our property, it will help move water away while also controlling erosion. 

Humps and Hollows in where we will design a system to use these two mechanisms together. For example, we usually shape the area with two humps and a hollow in-between as it is effective in draining water to a particular area where you want them to be.

Grassed Waterways are perfect for properties that are bigger in dimension. Most of our clients request us to install them on farms and other areas that have dense grass.

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Subsurface drainage systems

Subsurface Drainage Systems

In cases where it will be possible and cost-effective for us to install a sub-surface solution to your property, you can rely on our team to give you the best quality system at a reasonable price.

Most of our clients who require this option are those who need a functional system for agricultural purposes. Hence, we will be sure to design and install a system that will fit their needs best. As always, it is our goal to provide assistance to farmers and workers by making their area more convenient to do their business well.

Depending on your area, some of the possible solutions are:

Mole drainage
Ground water pumps
Interceptor drains
PVC pipes

In essence, subsurface drains often require deeper trenches and ditches. When you work with us, you can be sure that we will always be careful when we do our work to avoid damage and injury.

Slope Drainage Systems

Does your property have a sloped surface? This does not mean that installing a drainage system is impossible. Our crew will usually install the system on the incline to keep water away from your property, which requires years of training and experience.

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Downspout and Gutter systems

We will always recommend having a downspout and gutter system if you do not have them yet. If your system has already been there for several years, have our crew update it as soon as possible. After all, rainwater can be the cause of several problems that can affect your property as a whole.

Of course, we can always come to your property or the job site to have an assessment. Our professional team will inspect your area thoroughly in order for us to design a system that will be functional for your usage. All you have to do is call us, and you can get an assessment done by pros who have been in the industry for several years.

You deserve a safe and beautiful property.

As a local company, we believe that each household in the city deserves a property that is secure for our families. When it comes to our drainage system services, we will make sure to prevent and stop puddles from forming on your lawn.

Only get the pros to entrust your drainage systems with. You do not have to keep on dreaming about your dream lawn: a lawn that has no standing water after heavy rain. Our team will help in making this happen.

Call us now at (720) 650-0995 and let us start designing a system mad just for you. You can also reach us using our online form if you want to set an appointment or if you have any questions.

There are many types of drainage systems available including surface and subsurface drainage systems, slope drainage systems and gutter systems. Each one of them has their particular purpose and advantage.

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