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Residential & Commercial Demolition Service in Colorado Springs and the surrounding cities

If you are one of the property owners who have to enlist a demolition service, the process may be overwhelming and stressful. You have to make sure to consider a lot of things: the demolition you need, your timeframe, permits, and most especially, the contractor you will hire.

How can we help with your demolition needs?

As you may know, demolitions are messy and intense. A lot of caution should be taken before any demolition is done.  It has even been the cause of many injuries and accidents in the past. If you want to guarantee the safety of your residential or commercial property, a huge chunk of this will rely on are your laborers. As with other construction-related services, you should never scrimp on hiring a specialist. And this is where we can help you.

As the leading contractor in Colorado Springs, you can certainly trust us to be the team that will treat your project as our own. With years of training, we can ensure that you will be certified with our work and professionalism.

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Reliable and efficient demo contractors in Colorado Springs

We do Total Demolition Services

This is for you if: You want to build a new structure on an area with an old building, if you want to renovate, or if you want to remove an unwanted structure.

When we do total demolitions, you can trust us to be efficient and professional with our work. Our entire team has been taking down buildings for many years. Along with our knowledge, they are what make us the experts in the field. We have several techniques and methods during our demolitions, and the process will differ depending on your project.

We do selective demolition services

This is for you if: You want to renovate a part of your home or building, you want to secure your property while taking down a part for our project, or if you want to build a new structure without destroying your entire building.

When you entrust your property and building to us, be assured that we will always be precise and efficient in our work. Every task we do is given the same treatment, no matter how big or small your project is. 


We do Interior Demolition Services

This is for you if: You want to renovate a part of your interiors but will need to have it removed, you have a damaged or defective part that needs replacing, or you want to add a new feature to your interiors.

Most of the clients that approach us for interior demolitions need our assistance regarding their walls and ceilings. When you work with our crew, we are confident with our skills and can guarantee that your exteriors will not be harmed. 

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We Can Do Dismantling or Deconstruction Services

This is for you if: You need a demolition method that will remove the parts of your building carefully so that you can reuse them.

When we dismantle your home or deconstruct it, it is important for us to prioritize your needs. If you want the process to be cost-effective and convenient, we are the team that can help you. Contrary to popular belief, dismantling needs more precise movements and may take more time to complete. If you want to reuse or recycle the parts of your building, we will be there to get the job done.

We do Implosive Demolition Services

This is for you if: You need a demolition method that will make use of various explosives to bring your building down. In this technique, we will place explosives on your structure’s main supports to take it down.

When it comes to using implosions as a way to make your building collapse, this is a process that will be stressful for you. You have to take care of permits to guarantee smooth sailing project completion. Hence, if you contact us to handle everything, we are confident that it will be a decision you would not regret.

We offer Crane and Wrecking Ball Services

This is for you if: You need a demolition method that will have to make use of various equipment and machinery.

Depending on your project, the equipment we will use is based on several factors, such as your needs, area, timeframe, and more. Wrecking balls are now seen as outdated, but in some specific projects, there may be nothing else to do. Also, they are reliable and efficient.

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Do you need a reliable demolition crew? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our crew. If you want to get a free assessment, call us at (719) 259-5084 or fill out our contact form here. Do you have any questions or clarifications? Talk with a member of our crew by reaching out.

When it comes to demolitions, we believe that no question is too simple. Because of this, we are happy to know about your concerns, as this will helps us in serving you better.

A demolition contractors main function is to take down structures in a strategic and calculated fashion. Because we're also left with a lot of material that is useless and not wanted, we're also tasked with hauling the debris away for proper disposal.  

Since this has to be performed in a specific manner, our demolition team has to abide by codes, permits and inspections.

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