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Excavation work for many purposes

What is the purpose of excavation? When do you need them? Are they really necessary?

Without excavating, it may not be possible to proceed with several construction projects. Although it can be used for improving the appeal of a property, most excavation work is required before starting the construction, renovation, and installation of various buildings, infrastructure, and utility lines.

There are six types of purposes behind excavation work. These are the cut and fill, trench, basement, road, bridge, and dredging. To know exactly which one you need, here are simple descriptions of each one for your convenience.

1.   Cut and fill excavations

Cut and fill excavations, also called stripping, is the procedure that is necessary for clearing large sites. Just like its name, the materials are cut and stripped away to get it out of the way that will allow the main construction to start. Some situations may require the filling of material to other sites to fill in lower sections.

2.   Trench excavation

Trenching is the excavation procedure we do to help in installing and burying foundations and utility lines. Due to the reason that trenching can be very dangerous, we will make sure to practice safety precautions to avoid accidents and damages.

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backfill work

3.   Basement excavation

Constructing basements require the digging of the earth with dimensions that will depend on the specific project. Because some construction work may require us to dig deeper than normal, we make sure to employ advanced techniques for efficient work.

4.   Road excavation

Excavations for roads usually require a combination of various methods such as cut and fill and trenching for the best results. Our team will carefully remove the vegetation, topsoil, and other debris for you to start your road construction.

5.   Bridge excavation

When it comes to the purpose of excavation for the construction of a bridge, it may require weeks of serious work. There is no need to worry, however, as our crew will make sure to remove any debris and material that may delay and affect the construction of the project.

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6.   Dredging

Dredging is the procedure of excavating underwater. An example of dredging is reshaping the features of the stuck sediments under the water to help fix drainage issues.

We strive to be the best excavation company in Briargate

We provide the following services to our customers:

Residential Excavations

Do you need a trustworthy crew to excavate your property for your foundation, or the installation of utility lines? We know how worrisome it can be for a property owner, and we are here to ease your concerns.

Rest assured that we are the partner of the locals when it comes to digging work for a reason. Take a look at Our Gallery to see photos of our past projects.

Commercial and Municipal Excavations

Do you want to construct roads for your store or business? Or do you need an expert crew to fix the place before building a bridge or other projects? With our experience in helping out with large-scale projects, have no doubt that we have the skills to assist you.

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Local attractions in Briargate

Briargate is located in the northern part of the city. Considered to be high on the list of the top neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, residents love the close proximity it has to areas that offer fun activities with the option of going home to a quaint, rural spot.

Landmarks and Fun Places in and near Briargate

1.    Pikes Peak Bike Tours

Cycle on Pikes Peak Bike Tours and get your exercise while knowing more about the interesting points in the area. Even if you are a beginner when it comes to cycling, rest assured that you will be safe with their reliable and kind guides.

2.    Adventures Out West

Make sure to fully charge your camera and bring extra batteries when you visit Adventures Out West. Aside from the wonderful scenery, you will get to enjoy various activities, such as ziplining, jeep tours, and more at an affordable price.

3.    Peak Place

Do you need a spot with a relaxing vibe? Peak Place is where you can sip your coffee while listening to good music.

4.    ALMAGRE Venue + Bar

ALMAGRE is a hidden gem that locals mostly frequent to. With a nice variety of food and cocktails, it is a place where a group of people will definitely enjoy.

5.    Cosmo's Magic Theater

With its quaint charm, people do not expect the wonderful experience they will get in their first time at Cosmo’s. The Magic Theater accepts bookings for parties and conducts shows that people of all ages will surely enjoy.

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